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Car Insurance Claim Settlement & What to do After a Car Accident!

Updated: May 4, 2022

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Car accidents can be a traumatic experience. One needs to follow the traffic rules and follow all safety measures to avoid an auto accident but if you get involved in an accident what measures and steps do you need to follow or what you should do after a car accident? There is a piece of detailed information provided in this article.

Top Ways to Claim Car Insurance
Car accidents can be stressfull both mentally and financially if claims settlement becomes a challenge

A Car Accident That Happened Today

It's a fine Sunday morning but rather an unusual start to the day. While sipping my cup of tea and gazing out of the window I saw my neighbour returning home along with his brother who had come to drop him home. Things looked pretty normal until I saw his hand which had a plaster cast on it with a tied sling around his neck. After they got out of the car his brother again stooped in to pick up his two-year-old daughter and she looked in a lot of pain with injuries on her head and bruises on her face. Upon enquiring they told me that they had an accident. Things could have been worse but they were lucky to escape with minor injuries to the girl and a broken arm which was a result of my neighbour trying to protect his daughter during the accident.

Let's just say they were rather lucky to escape with no serious injuries, unlike others who may face the worse situation. Rather than discussing this story further, I would like to address some problems that one may face after being in an auto accident.

What Should You Do After A Car Accident?

The reason what caused the car accident doesn't matter. It can be distracted or reckless driving, driving under the influence, rain or fault in your vehicle. It is important what you do after a car accident. Immediate actions are necessary here. If you are involved in the car accident

  • It is your legal obligation to stop your car and not run away. If you do so there will be a strong case of hit and run.

  • Check to see if anyone needs urgent medical care and call 911 if things are serious.

  • It is advisable to not move (if not causing traffic) the vehicles until the arrival of police.

  • Do not forget to take pictures of the scene (including both vehicles) so no one can change the narrative later.

  • Report the accident to the police and car insurance company.

  • Get the information about the other party involved in the accident viz, name of the driver, contact information, license plate number, vehicle description.

Insurance claims settlement

As per the auto insurance contracts, one must never admit responsibility for the accident. On renewal, if you were at more than 50% at fault the car insurance rates will be increased.

You can call the emergency claims number from the scene which can be very useful to initiate the car insurance claims procedure. Car accidents can be unnerving, but it is necessary to stay calm and as you are not aware of the other party it's wise to stay safe and get paid in a claim.

For readers wondering how to file insurance claims or claim car insurance please read the detailed procedure here. One can always take help from the car insurance agent. Insurance claims can become a task if proper steps are not followed.

Dealing with insurance companies can be tricky as they would not easily disburse the claims if they have doubt. In such a case, it is advisable to seek legal help.

When to get an attorney?

As these incidents are rare and not many people are exposed to situations like this and being unaware of how the situation would turn up different than expected for the people who represent themselves without doing any research.

So, you can deal with the situation yourself if you have a back sprain or minor injuries and low medical bills. However, it is necessary to consult an attorney when you have serious injuries and large medical bills because it said that the insurance claims game is more rigged than Las Vegas.

Top Ways to Claim Car Insurance

The easiest way is to seek help from professionals. If you are a resident of Los Angeles and experienced anything similar mentioned above you can check out Los Angeles car accident lawyer. They provide free car accident case evaluation and charge only after getting compensation.

To sum up insurance companies are like any other profitable organisation they will want to pay as little as they can to make more money. You can be forgiving the money you are owed for your claims if you think the insurance adjuster is on your side. They will always work in favour of these insurance companies.

As discussed in the previous post how 'Resident Evil' stuntwoman 'Olivia Jackson' was able to get compensation with the help of a personal injury attorney one can also seek compensation for personal injury.


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