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Cosmetic Dentistry: Types and things to consider before getting one

Disclaimer: Any dental treatments discussed below are invasive surgical procedures and carry risks like any medical procedures. Before proceeding with any dental treatment patients should seek expert advice and even consider the second opinion from a qualified health practitioner. This content sponsored and solely for information purpose.

Planning to get cosmetic dentistry done? It can be a big decision as you must be planning and thinking about it for a long time. Browsing through all the posts on your feed with faces having a perfect smile can make anyone envy them.

Recently the video of Jason Derulo knocking off Wills smith teeth has gone viral on the internet. Certainly, after a few weeks, we would see Will Smith having a perfect smile. This is possible now because of cosmetic dentistry.

A smile has become an important accessory. The pictures popular influencers and celebrities flashing their million-dollar smile on social media platforms and all over the internet. One can improve the smile and dental structure with the help of cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry is long-lasting. It usually lasts for 10-20 years, so it becomes very important that it is done right at the very first time. Remember the focus here is always to make your smile look better and not the teeth. You can do a google search to find a cosmetic dentist near you and check through their reviews also you can check out cosmetic dentistry Tampa. Once you have researched about what treatment, you need and have finally made up your mind you need to consider the following things before you dive in.

  1. Expertise and experience: This is the first thing you need to check. An experienced dentist having years of practice will always give you better results. You should not shy away from asking about any similar cases that he/she had done 10 years ago for you to know what the actual results will look like.

  2. Intraoral scanning: Intraoral scans or 3D scans of teeth and moth can help you design teeth on the computer and copy them to give the patient a beautiful natural smile.

  3. The ceramist: They are the artists behind the scenes who actually create and design the teeth and crown and bring a huge difference to your before and after pics. As the change you see is because of their work.

  4. The trial smile: Trial running the smile before the final porcelain is made is also important as you can give feedback about the colour and positioning of teeth. If you like the positioning of teeth the trial run, you would certainly like the final porcelain.

  5. The guarantee/warranty: also make sure how much guarantee the dentist is offering on the treatment. A minimum guarantee of 5 years is good.

Major types of procedures

Following are some most popular procedures for people seeking cosmetic dentistry as a resort to enhance their looks.

  • Cosmetic Teeth Whitening: This procedure can brighten and whiten your teeth from discolouration and staining. Also called as teeth bleaching. Not all candidates are suitable for this procedure.

  • Cosmetic Dental Veneers: A veneer is made from porcelain or composite material and can be used to treat dental conditions such as a crooked tooth, discoloured teeth, chipped teeth, or to cover spaces in between the teeth.

  • Cosmetic Dental Implants: A metal device made of titanium is placed into the jawbone where the tooth is missing is a metal device designed to replace missing teeth. This implant now acts as the root and can anchor artificial teeth.

  • Cosmetic Tooth Bonding: Chipped, broken or stained teeth can be repaired using bonding in which tooth coloured materials are bonded to the teeth.

  • Inlays and Onlays: These are indirect fillings used when a tooth has mild to moderate decay or not enough tooth to support filling. Once the procedure is completed, they provide support and strengthen teeth.


Not all the procedures are suitable for everyone. Consult a cosmetic dentist to find out what is best suited for you. Also, you can consider checking cosmetic dentistry Tampa if you reside in Tampa, Florida. Dental insurance may not cover expenses of cosmetic dentistry and hence this process can be heavy on your pocket which can be a major factor while considering the procedures.


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