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Knockdown The Lockdown with Online Certifications

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

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The worldwide lockdown has brought many changes in our lives with the prominent one being prioritising online learning and adapting work from home. With many states of the US and many other nations trying to curtail the spread of the pandemic countries like South Korea and Vienna have been successful in controlling the spread. Lockdown lasting for longer durations can cause irreparable damage.

Under the situation of panic and the majority being advised to stay at home, people have been hooked to playing games or watching Netflix and surfing the internet. There is another group of people who have decided to upgrade their resume by enrolling for online certification program with online platforms such as Coursera, Edx, Udemy or International Scrum Institute. Well sometimes it doesn't have to be a special platform but the classes are sometimes conducted using Zoom meetings or other alternatives.


Knowledge gained is never wasted hence if you utilise the lockdown for learning relevant skills or even mastering your hobby all this would prove useful at some point later in your life.

Companies like Microsoft and Google announcing to continue work from home throughout 2020. With employees now being able to save travel time can utilise it for completing their certifications that they thought off for a long time.

There are thousands of online certifications available to choose from. We can say there is something for everyone. There are two kinds of courses available on the learning platform viz, instructor and self-paced learning. In the case of Instructor paced learning the students have to follow certain rules regarding the course completion in a given time duration or finishing the assignments and test in a timely manner. On the other hand, self-paced learning grants you the liberty to finish the course as per your leisure.

Professionals can take up certifications that would help them advance in their career, or gain promotion at their existing job. Various courses are available to choose from the major categories being business, management, life sciences, engineering, communication and programming. IT professionals can find best-suited courses with Scrum Institute and online certification from a top university like Harvard and will make one more valuable their company

Students can enrol for basic excel course, Autocad or learn skills like financial modelling that will give them the edge over others in the professional world. Being a student with time on your side you can choose to master your interests by joining courses like photography or other art forms.

There are many flaws in the concept of e-learning. The most common challenges faced by students while taking online classes are patchy network now, this can ruin your experience if you are attending the live classroom.

Few other problems that students face are incompatible devices and the real teache- student engagement. there are also complaints about the prices of the courses being too high. Online certification courses require a higher level of discipline as many students discontinue after attending a few classes because they lack motivation.


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