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$1,000 Scholarship for Education by Melvin Brewing

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Disclaimer: Sponsored


Application Procedure

To submit your application for the Melvin Brewing Scholarship submit your contact details and a 500-word essay that answers the question, “How do you plan to use the funds from this scholarship in your journey to continue your education?" via the form on Melvin Brewing website.

Application Deadline

March 30, 2021

Getting a degree can be a first step towards a promising future
An investment in knowledge pays the best interest -Benjamin Franklin

Argument that College Education is Unimportant

Many would argue that education is not important and would go to give us the examples of ultra-successful college dropouts like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Mark Zuckerberg and many others. According to me these are exceptions and these exceptional stories sell well as they are inspiring. If you look into statistics to be at a top a formal education forms the foundation. To sum up, exceptions are rare and so it is wise to instead look at the base rate of the event where a person from a non-educational background became successful which would turn out to be very low.

Although I have immense respect for these legends and if you think you can be one of them then I cannot argue more and yes the college degree is unimportant for you given the condition you learn all necessary skills by yourself.

It is also noteworthy that the wages of Americans without a degree are plummeting simultaneously. Also, the moral values that one gain through attending college urge them to volunteer twice for or in their communities as compared to Americans without a degree.

Constantly increasing tuition fees may compel you to take breaks before enrolling in a college program. Estimating the tuition, hostel and food expenses and creating a strict budget can help you limit or curtail the costs.

Why is Education important?

There are various aspects of how education can help in the growth and development of individual or society as a whole. It can be beneficial on macro-level by contributing to nation-building, inculcating values and eradicating the evils of society such as racial or gender discrimination and many others. Rather than talking about all of them, it would be only fair to focus on how education can serve you in personal development.

  1. Provide stability financial security and self-dependency: Once you get a college degree, you own it forever and it opens up new doors to various opportunities. A college degree makes you eligible to many high paying jobs and equips you with the skills to excel thereby providing you financial security and stability. All this will automatically make you self-reliant.

  2. Can boost your employability: A graduate is less likely to be unemployed compared to one having a high school diploma. According to U.S Beauru of Labour Statistics (BLS) data in march 2018 showed that only 2.5% of bachelors were unemploed compared to 4.6% of high school diploma holders.

  3. Can boost your confidence: One thing that makes successful people stand out is self-confidence. Higher education can instil confidence in you to express your opinions freely.

  4. Can protect you from frauds: Highly educated people are less like to fall for scams. They are less likely to sign any bogus documents.

To conclude, a college degree will help you find personal fulfilment, or help you make better plans for the future. It can help you get more out of life. If finance your education is a problem one can definitely check out the scholarship programs offered by the respective universities or even other special scholarships like the one offered by Melvin Brewing or the one mentioned in the previous blog which also offered a $1000.


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