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Aid Your Education With Scholarships for College

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

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It’s a brand-new decade and that means so many great things are in store! If you are fresh out of school and a student, graduation and college might be next up for you. If so, don’t fret! We have put together a few suggestions on how to get the best scholarships that help you make your college dreams a reality. While considering the scholarships for college, we should also be aware of application deadlines as we don't want to be late or miss out the opportunities because we checked in late.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.- Malcolm X

Scholarships and How to Get Them?

You may think that in order to get a scholarship for college you must be an athlete or stellar student with impeccable grades... Well, that’s not the case! Colleges are beginning to realize that there is more to a student than good grades or being sports-minded they are now looking at the whole person. What unique traits do you have? What is your story? Have you overcome a personal tragedy? What makes you different?

I would like to about the sponsors of this blog post, Marc Zboch who is offering scholarships worth $1,000 to help students with their education. Marc Zboch scholarship asks the candidates to share their experiences by writing essays in order to shortlist them.

Start by writing down a list of your skills then include your hobbies. Next, type those things into your preferred search engine and include “scholarship.” You might be surprised at the results! Into jump roping? Well, there is a scholarship for that! Do you enjoy baking or computer coding or art? There are tons of scholarship just waiting for you to apply! Remember, the key is to be yourself. The more you can show off your uniqueness and how you will bring that charm to your new university, the better your chances are for being accepted into the program and receiving the scholarship of your dreams.

Corporate Scholarships

One major scholarship option that many people overlook are the ones offered by companies. Multi-million dollar companies like Microsoft, Google, and Ford Motor Company to name a few offer tons of free money for eligible high school and sometimes college students. Typically these scholarships require you to write an essay about a given topic and include a letter of recommendation along with your transcript. Others may allow you to enter the art, or perhaps even record a video to apply. Many times these companies use these scholarship programs to scout for entry-level positions or interns for future employment so be strategic when applying for these!

Once again this is yet another opportunity to show your uniqueness, share your story and be different! Remember, these scholarship committees receive countless applications on the daily basis... whatever you can do to make yours stand out or catch their eye in a meaningful, authentic way, the probability of you receiving the scholarship increases dramatically!

Final Thoughts

Finally, think about all the clubs, organizations and programs you currently belong to. Are you a Girl Scout or Boy Scout? A member of 4-H? Do you attend church? Are you in the choir or band at school or a member of the cheer team? There’s a scholarship for that, and people just waiting to offer you money to help you get the best education you can get! Start by talking with the program director, ask them about scholarships and contests. Next, head to your favourite internet search engine and type in the particular organization you are part of and include “scholarship." Once again you will be pleasantly surprised by the results. Apply to as many as possible and watch the money roll in!

The most important part to remember as was stated many times is to be yourself. It may be tempting to try to fit into the cookie-cutter image of the perfect student, but no one is perfect, and when you pretend to be, everyone can see right through it! Be yourself, search for those scholarships.

You can find the list of scholarships along with their deadlines from websites like and

Credits to 'Destiny Turnboe' for researching and writing this article. She has good experience in the field of education.


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